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The True Cost of Aging Facilities

As your facilities continue to age, the cost of maintenance and operation will continue to rise. Creating and maintaining a comfortable learning environment becomes difficult with outdated equipment, resulting in distracted students and unhappy teachers and causing a direct, negative impact on educational success.

By updating and modernizing your facilities, we can help you reduce the number of student absentee days and help you attract, and retain, the best teachers and school faculty possible.

  • Architecture: The building exterior is more than just an aesthetic consideration. It helps maintain system efficiency and structural integrity.
  • Air Quality: Improved air ventilation systems will decrease the risk of airborne health risks and provide a more enjoyable environment for students and faculty.
  • Thermal Comfort: Updated building systems will allow you to effectively balance the air temperature and humidity in your facilities, and create a more comfortable learning environment.
  • Acoustics: By upgrading the acoustic quality of your facilities, your teachers and students will be able to communicate more effectively, resulting in improved speech comprehension and information retention.
  • Lighting: Quality lighting means more than being able to read the whiteboard. It can have a positive impact on mood, behavior and even test scores.
  • Life-Safety Systems: Many schools are operating with life-safety systems that are over 10 years past their end of life date. By updating these systems, we’ll help you comply with modern safety regulations and reduce the risk of unnecessary safety hazards.


We’ll consult with district leadership to identify their educational vision and facility objectives in order to create a comprehensive project plan with realistic and attainable goals.

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Whether you’ve chosen to construct a new facility or revitalize your existing ones, we’ll help you create a modern, sustainable environment that reflects the ambition of your school district.

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Our design team will help you create innovative learning environments that foster creative thinking, and make both students and teachers excited to come to school.

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Operating Costs

By upgrading your facilities with high-efficiency building systems, we can help reduce the unnecessary operational costs caused by aging equipment and insufficient infrastructure.

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Your educational facilities deserve the highest quality heating, cooling, lighting, and control systems to ensure the comfort and happiness of your students and faculty.

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We’ll help you create innovative learning environments that will stand the test of time, and proudly serve your community for years to come.

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