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Kaukauna Public Schools

District:   Kaukauna
Location:   Suburban
Enrollment:   4,000
Median Facility Age:  42 years
District Square Ft.:  798,844
No. of Facilities:  Six

“Kaukauna Schools has taken great pride in finding ways to focus its resources on its students.  It has long been a district policy to avoid purchasing items that have no direct impact on student achievement. On its own, Kauakauna Schools started to implement energy savings measures across its six school sites in an effort to redirect funding to student learning. Not being experts in that field, we turned to Unesco to enhance the cost saving measures, The results, so far, have been nothing short of spectacular.  Unesco provided the expertise needed to push the project forward. Without our partnership, Kaukauna Schools would still be trying to navigate its way through the energy efficiency world.  “
– Bob Schafer, KASD Business Manager

Project Info

Project Description

Kaukauna Public Schools

Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley, KASD was in need of strategies to address deferred maintenance and capital improvements.  Unesco completed a preliminary study and developed a master plan to address the district’s immediate and long-term goals.

The Phase I objective was to modernize five of the district’s existing facilities: Kaukauna High School, Electa Quinny Elementary, H.B. Tanner ELC, Victor Haen Elementary, and Park Community Charter, in order to attain affordable, energy-efficient buildings, protect the community’s valuable assets, and align to its objective: the completion of improvements in a fiscally conservative manner.

Phase II is scheduled for 2017-2018 and involves the revitalization of River View Middle School with the modernization of learning environments to encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

By leveraging a budget- and tax-neutral investment utilizing existing statutes, Kaukauna Area School District was able to rehabilitate their facilities infrastructure and provide safe, healthy, and productive learning environments.

Our experienced team has supported these clients with planning, architecture, engineering, construction and energy optimization solutions. We worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of government. Unesco develops, funds, and implements Master Facility Plans.