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Houston Public Schools

District:   Houston
Location:   Rural
Enrollment:   530
Median Facility Age:   60 years
District Square Feet:   114,777
No. of Facilities:   Four

“Partnering with Unesco allowed us to retain the character of our buildings, which was vital to the staff and community, while improving our facilities to produce the best learning environments for students.  The staff at Unesco helped us through the entire process, from the evaluation of our facilities and potential needs, through the selection of projects and securing funding, and finally, to the installation and completion of upgrades. During each step, we were part of the process and knew the plan ultimately selected was the one we wanted since we had the final say. I would never think of doing a project again without having Unesco as a partner.”          

 – Krin Abraham, Superintendent of Schools

Project Info

Project Description

Houston Public Schools

Located within a conservative, rural community, the schools of Minnesota ISD 294 were showing their age and operational and maintenance costs resulted in utilizing valuable general fund resources in a reactive manner.  District facilities needed updating to provide educational enviroments more conducive to learning.

Through a comprehensive facilities study, Unesco helped to develop a long-term master facility plan to address the aging infrastructure and update the electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and lighting systems to provide an affordable, sustainable atmosphere. Interior and exterior aesthetics were modernized with a new gymnsasium, and a remodeled, safe and secure high school entrance.

A well-conceived master facility plan and a budget-neutral reinvestment of $5.5 million allowed the district to address both its short- and long-term facility objectives and secure a viable future for the students, staff, and the community.  Moreover, because of strategic financing and debt equalization, district taxpayers realized a reduction in taxes.

Our experienced team has supported these clients with planning, architecture, engineering, construction and energy optimization solutions. We worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of government. Unesco develops, funds, and implements Master Facility Plans.