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Hopkins Public Schools

District: Hopkins
Location: Urban
Enrollment: 7,140
Avg. Age of Facilities: 40 years
District Sq ft.: 1,826,831
No. of Facilities: 11

“From the beginning, I was impressed with all of the Unesco staff. Since then, I have come to depend on them for advice and information. They are always eager to help us and I feel they are willing to give us extra attention when we need it. Above all, I trust them implicitly; I consider them to be an extension of my own staff. This has meant a great deal to us at Hopkins Schools. “
– Patrick Poquette, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Hopkins Schools

Project Info

Project Description

Hopkins Public Schools

Hopkins Public Schools found themselves in need of a long-term strategic facilities plan to address various outstanding needs across the district. Deferred maintenance costs had resulted in increasing energy and operating costs, deteriorating air quality, and greater challenges with attracting students in a competitive open-enrollment market.

Unesco’s staff helped Hopkins Public Schools become eligible for the Department of Education’s Alternative Facilities Bonding and Levy Program, which enabled the development of a 10-year master facilities plan to manage operating costs, while minimizing tax increases to district patrons. Next, district facilities needed to be reconfigured in order to create more dynamic learning environments that could accommodate changing demographics, retain current students, and attract new students in a hyper-competitive market.

The result has been over $115 million of facility improvement projects in the last ten years. These projects have enabled Hopkins Public Schools to reach the lowest annual operating cost in its peer group of suburban school districts, reduce their operating costs by 22%, and expand the program offerings for the entire district.

Our experienced team has supported these clients with planning, architecture, engineering, construction and energy optimization solutions. We worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of government. Unesco develops, funds, and implements Master Facility Plans.