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Cannon Falls Public Schools

District:   Cannon Falls
Location:   Suburban
Enrollment:   1,197
Median Facility Age:  32.9
District Square Ft.:  334,909
No. of Facilities:  Three

“What’s really nice about Unesco’s data analytics software is it provides visible information right at our fingertips. This is in stark contrast to the building automation system that only relays whether something is running or not.  Having this information is a unique benefit that I didn’t even expect to have after the project was complete.”

– Dave Petersen, Head of Operations & Maintenance

Project Info

Project Description

Cannon Falls Public Schools

Cannon Falls Area School District was in need of a long-term strategic facilities plan to address numerous needs throughout the district.  Deferred  maintenance resulted in increasing energy and operational costs, and learning environments suffered from inefficient lighting and unmanageable classroom temperatures.

A well-conceived master facility plan and a budget-neutral reinvestment of $11.4 million allowed the district to address both short– and long-term facility needs and secure a viable future. Because of strategic financing and debt equalization, district tax payers realized a tax increase of only $3 per month (per average household).

Not only did these improvements provide needed redundancy and  address capital infrastructure, students, staff, and the community now benefit from safer, healthier, and more functional spaces, while reducing annual operating expenses by nearly $200,000.

Our experienced team has supported these clients with planning, architecture, engineering, construction and energy optimization solutions. We worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of government. Unesco develops, funds, and implements Master Facility Plans.