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Alden-Conger Public Schools

District:   Alden-Conger
Location:   Rural
Enrollment:   500
Median Facility Age:  29
District Square Ft.:  92,026
No. of Facilities:  One


“From the beginning, Unesco provided all the guidance I could possibly ask for to ensure our project was successful.  Their guidance and oversight of all aspects allowed us to get everything done under budget.  I am very thankful for their continued support.“

— Brian Shanks, Superintendent



Project Info

Project Description

Alden-Conger Public Schools

This Freeborn County consolidated school district chose Unesco, through a competitive process, to perform a preliminary study of its facility and develop a critical long-term maintenance plan for the PK-12 building. The district was in the unique situation of open-enrolling the highest number of students in the area and experienced resultant space-adequacy issues.

Unesco’s staff helped Alden-Conger Schools become eligible for several of the Minnesota Department of Education’s bond and levy programs which enabled the development of a 10-year master facilities plan to manage operational costs and reconfigure space to accommodate programming and enrollment numbers.

With updates to the electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and lighting systems, a lifetime roof replacement, and a four classroom addition, Alden-Conger created an education facility that will serve its community in the future, while reducing annual operating costs by nearly $30,000.

Our experienced team has supported these clients with planning, architecture, engineering, construction and energy optimization solutions. We worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of government. Unesco develops, funds, and implements Master Facility Plans.