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Your educational facilities are long-term investments that will stand as symbols of pride for the communities they serve. Properly nurturing the next generation of leaders, artists, and thinkers requires dedication and planning.

Your district leadership has an educational vision for how to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need. We have a vision for how to provide you with a realistic and manageable facilities plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

We’ll lend our experience and expertise to help you create a project timeline that fits your schedule and suits your needs, but the pace and timing of your revitalization project is dictated entirely by you and your school district. 

Keeping your district administrators and community stakeholders informed about the project’s progress is just as important as the construction efforts. We’ll provide you with clear and timely updates about project milestones, upcoming deadlines, and anything that may impact students, faculty, or the surrounding community.

Once the project plan has been completed
 and your goals have been identified, we will assist you in preparing for implementation of the revitalization efforts by:

  • Analyzing current facilities’ capabilities
  • Performing operational cost analysis
  • Assessing educational adequacy of facilities
  • Prepping existing facilities for renovation
  • Securing funding and referendums