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Unesco Corporation Cuts Their Own Red Tape

Aims To Modernize Educational Facilities

Minneapolis, MN: (May 12, 2014) – Unesco Corporation today broke new ground on their goal of helping U.S. school districts revitalize their educational facilities. By combining new technology, innovative design, and energy efficient systems, Unesco will help K-12 school districts provide modern, multi-purpose learning environments for their students, staff, and surrounding communities.

Unesco is a Minnesota based program management company that works with schools across the U.S to help them rejuvenate their facilities and implement affordable, long-term strategies for maintenance and management.

“We’re very excited to help our clients address the aging infrastructure of our nation’s educational facilities,” said Kevin McGauley, Unesco Senior Business Consultant. “Many facilities are well past their intended retirement date, but have continued to defer necessary maintenance costs. By helping school districts to address these issues in an affordable and effective way, we can provide students and teachers with a learning environment that is not only safe, but designed to foster collaboration and improve the learning experience for future generations.”

With backgrounds in engineering, design, architecture, construction, and project management, the Unesco team possesses over 720 years of combined experience. Their skilled professionals have helped more than one hundred K-12 school districts implement over $750 million in facility improvements.

Unesco also provides clients with assistance in securing federal, state, and local project funding and financing to support and ensure financial stability. Clients also benefit from a comprehensive, long-term plan that will help them manage the cost of maintaining for the duration of their new facility’s lifespan.

Unesco Services Include:

  • Planning: Help school districts identify educational vison and facility objectives
  • Architecture: Modernize facilities to create innovative learning environments
  • Engineering: Install efficient, cost effective control systems for air, energy, and safety
  • Construction: Create a sustainable environment that will serve community needs
  • Financial Planning: Assist with funding requests and operational cost assessment

About Unesco

Unesco is a Minnesota based program management company that specializes in assisting K-12 school districts with the long-term educational facilities strategy. Our comprehensive approach includes a full assessment of existing facility assets, operational cost analysis, improvement options, preliminary and master planning, and future enrollment projections. We’ll help create a modern learning environment that provides stability and achieves the educational goals of your community.

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