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Our Story

What is Unesco Powered by SitelogIQ? 

Unesco was formed in May 2014. We grew to over 65 industry professionals who collectively have over 1,300 years of experience with an average tenure of 25+ years. Prior to Unesco’s incorporation, most of Unesco’s principals and employees worked for Energy Services Group, LLC. In 2008, Honeywell International acquired Energy Services Group with the intent of duplicating Energy Services Group’s processes and best practices across Honeywell’s North American Market.

By 2014, the founders of Unesco identified a growing need for a privately-owned, Midwest-based company whose primary focus would be helping K-12 clients meet both short and long-term facility management planning goals. Subsequently, Unesco was founded and in four short years grew to exceed the size of Energy Services Group. We are currently responsible for $100 million of construction annually. This was carried out by Unesco’s founders’ connection to the industry, and more importantly, to the regional markets served which resulted in hand-picking the best and brightest personnel from which to build the company. The response in the industry to the formation of Unesco and our specialized treatment of our clients and employees has resulted in exponential growth.

Partnership with Oaktree Capital – SitelogIQ 

This growth and greater market demand for diverse financial options created challenges of its own. Unesco’s current work includes Guaranteed Energy Services Agreements (Performance Contracts) and Professional Services Agreements. After evaluating a number of options, Unesco elected to take on a strategic equity partner, Oaktree Capital (NYSE:OAK) who manages over $121 billion in assets. Unesco also became a leader in a new corporation with the depth of talent, experience and financial resources to deliver new asset options to its existing and new clientele, including Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), Public-Private-Partnerships (P3), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Complete Privatization. As a result, Unesco is now part of a much larger corporation represented by eight portfolio companies in the Energy Services industry that are strategically located throughout North America. The corporate makeup includes 32 offices, 700 employees, over $400 million in annual construction revenue, and 50 years of construction history represented by over $5 billion in infrastructure projects. This new financial position will provide the financial stability to support the local Unesco team in its ability to develop, finance, implement and operate any project size in the markets it serves. 

What is SitelogIQ? 

SitelogIQ is a leading independent U.S. energy efficiency and facility solutions company dedicated to supporting the energy savings, operating efficiency, and sustainability goals of our clients. We have a broad range of services that includes design, engineering, construction, management, energy, and lighting. Our extensive project resume extends across various facility types and throughout the facility lifecycle with the goal of creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments that promote productivity, increased output, and improved customer experiences.

Unesco has joined forces with several industry-leading companies to form SitelogIQ, the largest privately-owned, full-service facility design, engineering, construction, management, energy, and lighting solutions company in the U.S. We’re dedicated to creating healthy, efficient indoor environments that promote productivity and improved experiences, and by working together, we’re better able to serve the needs of our clients throughout the Midwest and in adjacent markets.  

Unesco Powered by SitelogIQ will be fully integrated into SitelogIQ on January 1, 2020

Services We Offer


We’ll consult with district leadership to identify their educational vision and facility objectives in order to create a comprehensive project plan with realistic and attainable goals.

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Whether you’ve chosen to construct a new facility or revitalize your existing ones, we’ll help you create a modern, sustainable environment that reflects the ambition of your school district.

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Our design team will help you create innovative learning environments that foster creative thinking, and make both students and teachers excited to come to school.

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Operating Costs

By upgrading your facilities with high-efficiency building systems, we can help reduce the unnecessary operational costs caused by aging equipment and insufficient infrastructure.

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Your educational facilities deserve the highest quality heating, cooling, lighting, and control systems to ensure the comfort and happiness of your students and faculty.

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We’ll help you create innovative learning environments that will stand the test of time, and proudly serve your community for years to come.

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Case Studies

Unesco has worked extensively throughout the upper Midwest with over one hundred K-12 school districts, higher education facilities, and various branches of governments.