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The Unesco team has been carefully selected for their skills, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of facilities planning and management. Our architects, engineers, designers, analysts and energy specialists possess the technical and strategic skills and vision required to provide a seamless implementation of your education facilities initiatives.

Our team holds a combined 1,300 years of planning, design, engineering and construction experience, having implemented over $1.2B in educational facility improvements with more than one hundred K-12 Districts throughout the Upper Midwest.

You Have Opportunities. We Have Ideas.

Our work is grounded in the shared goal of revitalizing your facilities in order to meet the needs of your school district and its surrounding community. By collaborating with the various district administrators, school officials and community stakeholders, we can gain a clearer perspective of your educational goals and how to help you achieve them.

We will lend our experience and expertise to help you create a project timeline that fits your schedule and suits your needs, but the pace and timing of your revitalization project is dictated entirely by you and your school district.

Our skilled project management team will keep your project moving forward on-time and on-budget, from the assessment and analysis phase, all the way through to project completion. They will be in constant contact with you and your school district to keep you informed of every project milestone and development.

We will complete a thorough assessment of your school district’s facilities, utility and operational costs, community demographic trends and educational needs in order to present a comprehensive overview of the short term goals and long term objectives of your school district.

Once the project plan has been completed and your goals have been identified, we will assist you in preparing for implementation of the revitalization efforts by prepping existing facilities for renovation, securing funding and communicating our efforts to the school district and community.

Keeping your district administrators and community stakeholders informed about the project’s progress is just as important as the construction efforts. We’ll provide you with clear and timely updates about project milestones, upcoming deadlines and anything that may impact students, faculty, or the surrounding community.