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Whether you’re revitalizing an existing facility, or building from the ground up, we’ll help you implement a cost-effective system for controlling the comfort, quality, and consistency of your facility.

Our team of engineers will help you plan an implement control systems to monitor your facility’s air quality, thermal comfort, lighting, and fire control. By increasing the comfort of your facility, you’ll help students increase their test scores…

Students in classrooms with higher outdoor air ventilation rates scored 14 to 15 percent higher on standardized test scores than children in classrooms with lower outdoor air ventilation rates.

Shaughnessy, R.J., Et Al. 2006

And information retention…

There is also evidence that modest changes in room temperature (e.g., 77°f to 68°f) affect children’s abilities to perform mental tasks requiring concentration, such as addition, multiplication, and sentence comprehension. Overall, cooler temperatures and modest relative humidity conditions have the most positive impact.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (2011)