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Empowering through Education

A primary objective at Unesco is improving the learning environment of students through better air quality, comfort levels, and energy savings which transfers funds to the classroom via supplies, technology, and books. We believe in sharing our knowledge so the next generation of innovators are informed stewards of the environment.

Unesco Project Coordinator, Jennifer Everhart, recently visited Kaukauna High School in Wisconsin to demonstrate Unesco’s assessment of controls and systems of the schools, and why the results of those indicators affect how they perform academically.   After viewing a PowerPoint of the various systems that were tested, the AP Environmental Science students explored with tools in hand: light meters, CO2 meters, and temperature guns.

“It was interesting to see the CO2 level rise in the room (1350 ppm) by the end of the slideshow and how tired the students became. They understood firsthand why ventilation is important to their learning,” stated Everhart.

The students took instrument readings, analyzed why certain readings were occurring, and discussed CO2 levels and outside air needs per person. This hands-on experience enabled students to think critically about the energy the school uses on a daily basis. The class was studying a unit on renewable energy sources.

Unesco’s commitment to our customers surpasses implementing a project. We value the educational

process and enjoy the opportunity to contribute our expertise to the students who dream of making a difference in the fields of planning, energy, architecture, construction, or engineering.