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Doing More With Less

Every year, school districts are affected by local, state, and federal budget cuts; robbing them of the valuable resources needed to improve their educational facilities and provide the learning environments that their students and teachers deserve.

These budget cuts force administrators into a no-win situation where tough decisions have to be made and creative solutions to mounting challenges need to be found. Do you replace the aging and inefficient HVAC equipment, or the failing air ventilation system? Both need attention, but your budget only allows for one to be addressed this year. Obviously, the health and safety of your students and faculty comes first, but what if there were a solution that could help you avoid this situation in the future?

Winona Schools in SE Minnesota faced a similar challenge in which budget cuts had lead to over $50M in deferred maintenance costs and caused a drop in enrollment rates. Using a $2.7M investment that had no additional impact on budget or taxes, Winona Schools installed modern, energy efficient control systems across four facilities that lead to nearly $245,000 in annual savings, and a projected $5M over the next 15 years.

A relatively small investment in your facilities’ infrastructure can lead to significant savings over the course of the school year, free up valuable resources for the future, and reduce long-term operational costs.