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Comprehensive Assessment

Every school district is different. That’s why we take the time to perform a comprehensive assessment of your facilities, school district and community in order to gain a better understanding of your unique needs. From there, we can assist you in creating a project plan that fits your district, budget and educational goals.

Our comprehensive assessment includes:

Building Systems Assessment
Perform a thorough analysis of your building system’s current operational capacities, efficiency and code compliance.

Facility Improvement Options
Provide options for recommended repairs, renovations and revitalization of the existing building systems.

Financial Analysis
Provide assistance in securing federal, state and local project funding and financing to support and ensure financial stability.

Preliminary Planning
Discussion among project stakeholders regarding scope, schedule, budget, areas of responsibility, and approvals process.

Master Planning
Creation of a master facility management plan to guide the long-term strategic development and implementation of upgrading, enhancing and maintaining your district’s educational facilities.

Comprehensive Facility Asset Assessment
Perform an assessment of the existing facilities and building systems determining current conditions, life expectancy and revitalization needs.

Operational Cost Analysis
Evaluate historical and projected operational costs based on current conditions and operating characteristics and determine operational efficiencies and the economic benefit of recommended building system repairs and enhancements.

Education Adequacy Assessment
An analysis of the school district facilities’ ability to accomplish your educational goals, based on their capacity, quality, layout, and aesthetics.

Gross Square Footage and Individual Room Capacity Analysis
An overview of the facilities’ capacity to help determine if it can support the surrounding community’s needs.

Referendum Support
We have the local outreach and marketing expertise to support a public referendum initiative.

Enrollment Projections
A historical review of enrollment trends and a ten-year look ahead to forthcoming enrollment trends.